Insurance and FeesMy services are $150 per session (unless we have made another arrangement).  A sliding fee scale may be extended to you if you are uninsured and can show financial hardship.  Typical session length is 50-55 minutes.  Fees are due at the time of service.  For your convenience, I accept cash, personal checks, credit cards, and HSA/FSA accounts.  I am also an in-network PPO provider for many private insurance carriers including Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna Health Care, and PHCS (Private Healthcare Systems, also known as Multiplan).  I can bill Blue Cross PPO plans regardless of what state your plan is in.  I bill these companies directly, and this contracted amount may be different than my standard rate.  I do not accept or bill HMO or EAP plans. I also do not accept Medicaid or Medicare plans.

I am also happy to bill PPO plans for insurance companies that I am not contracted with directly, to assist you in obtaining out-of-network benefits or reimbursement.  Examples of these out-of-network providers include Magellan, Humana and United Healthcare.  Some PPO plans, such as United Behavioral Health may require their members to call to obtain a “certificate” (pre-certification) authorizing out-of-network benefits, so please be advised that calling them to obtain this certificate is your responsibility.

I may also add or change the plans that I am contracted with from time-to-time, so I encourage you to ask about your specific plan.  I may at times limit my acceptance of new clients with insurance contracts that choose to change/downgrade their pricing sheets to unacceptable levels, for example.  (From time-to-time, certain companies have been known to downgrade their reimbursement for mental health services by as much as 30% for a given year.)  Typically, my preferred insurance carrier is Blue Cross / Blue Shield, as their reimbursement rates are fair, and their billing process is fast and easy to navigate.  I do maintain a network of colleagues who I feel confident referring to, so if I am not accepting new clients, I would be happy to try to connect you with another provider who accepts your plan.

For insurance types that I am not contracted with, I may choose to provide you with a detailed receipt rather than billing them directly.  This statement can be used to submit to your health insurance company for full or partial reimbursement for your out-of-pocket expense, and I can also provide this statement for use with HSA (Health Savings Plan) or Flexible Spending accounts.  I can also bill HSA accounts directly if it is structured as a credit card or checkbook.  Feel free to ask me if you need this service.  Your HSA/FSA account can also be used to help you meet co-pay and deductible amounts.

Please also note: If you provide less than 24 hours notice of cancellation for a scheduled session, you will be charged for that session.  Insurance companies will not typically reimburse for this cost, which means you will be responsible for the full fee, and not just a co-pay amount.  You are likewise responsible for any denied insurance claims and for informing me of changes to your insurance.

If you have a form of insurance that I am contracted with, I will verify the specifics of your eligibility and benefits myself prior to our first appointment, saving you the trouble of making the call.  This verification will provide me with information such as deductible amount, session limits, and whether or not therapy is a covered service.  You may choose to call yourself also, if you would feel more comfortable learning about your benefits before we get started.  Deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance amounts are due at the time of session.

Ultimately, your health care costs are your responsibility.  Be an informed consumer.  And please remember:  If there is any other way I can assist you in navigating this process, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I will attempt to help in any way I can.