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Vanessa E. Ford, LCSW, CADC

The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has exploded a need for mental health, so much so that it has been difficult for Chicago therapists to keep pace with demand. Although you may see some group practices expanding to include interns and recent graduates from counseling programs, as I have expanded, I have committed to maintaining a standard of excellence.    ~ Vanessa E. Ford, LCSW, CADC

My mental health practice in Chicago partners with fully-licensed and experienced clinicians only. We offer highly specialized skills to help our clients on the northside of Chicago heal.

Experience the Difference

Each therapist I bring under the umbrella of my practice is highly vetted and provides an extension of my style as a therapist. Our team is comprised of staunch LGBTQ allies. You don’t need to compromise quality for availability. We’ve got you covered.

My team believes in offering you concrete and usable tools, to get anxiety and other mental health symptoms under control. Our style also includes doing depth work, which allows you to develop insights into the deeper layers of your experiences. This multi-pronged approach will allow you to understand where your struggles started to begin with, so you can begin to move past them.

Our Chicago psychotherapists want to partner with you, to help you become your best self. Welcome to my practice!

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