My approach to the counseling process is two-fold.

First, I believe strongly in developing insight into the self.  Insight-oriented treatment usually includes:
Past, including any losses or traumas that may still impact you today
Present, including any behaviors you are concerned about or conflicts in your relationship(s), or issues such as depression or anxiety
Future, such as goals or a vision you have for yourself.

Secondly, I believe that insight cannot be effective unless we look at ways to increase your coping skills- right now– so that you may begin to let go of any old ways of doing things that don’t seem to be working anymore.  Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques can provide immediate relief.  We will do this by taking a look at what you are:
Thinking, such as negative self-doubts, or an expectation that things will not work out in the end
Feeling, such as depression, a sense that you don’t have an adequate support network, anxiety about life in general, anxiety in social situations, feeling disconnected, low self-esteem, body image issues, or an occasional sense of being all-powerful that has gotten you into trouble in the past
Doing, such as any behaviors that you may be worried about, such as engaging in excessive or compulsive behaviors (sex, drinking problem, using drugs, shopping, cleaning, etc.), communication skills, isolating yourself from others, not reaching your “full potential”
Experiencing, such as grieving a recent loss like a break-up or death of a loved one, repeated conflicts in your relationship(s), HIV diagnosis, work/school stress, parenting issues, coming out issues, alienation from family, past or recent trauma such as rape, partner abusiveness or other violent incident.

Our goal together will be to create an internal sense of empowerment so that you feel in control of your past and present, and that you are on a path towards the future you would like to build for yourself.