ServicesVanessa Ford is a Chicago-based therapist who is specialized in communication issues, conflict resolution, recovery support, Moderation Management, EMDR, coping with a traumatic or abusive past, grieving past losses, LGBT, and addictions.

Remote Telehealth Sessions Available:
Therapy offers proven methods to help you identify and address COVID-19 related anxiety, and cope with the Coronavirus crisis more effectively.

Counseling and therapy services can help with depression, anxiety and other emotional health issues, as well as improving communication, relationships, and goal-setting. A good counselor will help you optimize your life.

My personal goal as a therapist is to create a non-judgmental and supportive environment where my clients can begin to develop a sense of insight and control over their lives. Counseling services are provided in 50-minute therapy sessions, usually provided once-weekly in my private office which is located on the north side of Chicago. I offer both individual and couples / martial or family psychotherapy, and can also provide parenting consultation or counseling directly to children or adolescents.

My therapy approach incorporates aspects of traditional insight-oriented psychodynamic psychotherapy, coupled with cognitive-behavioral counseling techniques.  This two-fold method helps my clients both understand and heal the root of their difficulty, while developing tools for the here-and-now to help combat unwanted behavior and negative, defeatist thought patterns.  This often results in my clients finding an easier time making and setting life goals over time, and living more of the life they want.  I’ve also found that my background and training in addictions counseling helps my clients (even those clients without compulsive behaviors) understand problematic behavior and relationship cycles better.  Lastly, I’ve found that therapy with a focus on body mindfulness and the mind-body connection helps my clients heal faster.  We can incorporate spiritual ideas and beliefs too, if these principles fit into our counseling work together.