COVID-19 / Coronavirus

The unique Coronavirus has caused an unprecedented situation in our nation and around the world. Uncertainty coupled with Illinois “shelter in place” guidelines are challenging our ability to cope, and you may be developing COVID-19 anxiety. Required social distancing and the closing of our borders feels surreal, and social isolation is becoming a real risk. Whether or not you have a history of depression or anxiety, current uneasiness about your future, economic and financial worry, and health-related concerns (for yourself or your loved ones) may become preoccupying and distressing. Remote telehealth sessions connect you to an experienced anxiety therapist who can provide counseling in the safety and privacy of your own home.

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COVID-19 Anxiety

Concern or even worry is natural during uncertain times. The Coronavirus has created a global pandemic that we have never seen in our lifetime. Your normal routine and schedule has become disrupted, as your place of work struggles to adjust to Chicago’s “shelter in place” guidelines. You may be busier than before, as remote work takes adjusting to and you may have additional childcare responsibilities. Or, you may have been recently laid off or in fear of losing your livelihood. If you are a healthcare worker, first responder or other essential worker, or partnered with one, you may worry about how to best protect yourself and your family. The days may seem long and empty, or go by faster than expected as the monotony of sheltering in and fewer social contacts wears thin.

When worry becomes preoccupying, you may want to reach out for help from a counselor. Perhaps health-related concerns for yourself or a loved one have become consuming, and you’re not sure what precautions to take to stay safe. Financial fears may become difficult to detach from. Your mood may become strained, as you find yourself snapping more easily at others, or using social distancing recommendations as an excuse to isolate yourself from social contacts. You may find yourself so immersed in checking social media and news updates, that you are surprised how little hours are left in the day once you finally log off. If you have a history of addictive behaviors such as over-drinking or over-eating to relieve stress, you may find that previous gains you have made in these areas are easily erased in these trying times.

COVID-19 is presenting all of us with unique challenges and fears. Your life from a month or two ago may seem a distant memory, and imagining a future time when life feels normal again is feeling increasingly difficult.

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Therapy Can Help

Work with a trusted therapist can help you assess your coping, and strengthen your response to the Coronavirus. Therapy can help you ask: What is unique about what I’m currently going through? And what feels familiar? Vanessa Ford is a highly respected psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in helping clients overcome difficult losses and heal from anxiety. No matter how unprecedented our national crisis is, these proven techniques will help you adjust to our “new normal.”

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Brief treatment

Sometimes all you need is a few counseling sessions to get back on track. Does brief treatment work? The research says YES, a solutions-focused approach can help you learn to cope with unexpected events and fears more effectively.

We will want to take a three-phase approach. One: assess how you are coping with the pandemic and what is and isn’t working. Two: develop a new Coronavirus-specific coping strategy. Three: monitor and tweak your progress to make sure you are placing your COVID-19 fears in check.

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Telehealth and Teletherapy

Remote telemedicine sessions are available. Telehealth is covered by most major insurance companies, and allow you to access your Chicago therapist without leaving your home, allowing you to log in to therapy sessions while “sheltering in place.” The teletherapy platform utilized by Ms. Ford is HIPAA-compliant and so easy to access with a click of a button from any device. No logins are required and your name and contact information is never stored or tracked by the platform itself.

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Reach out for Help

Connect with an experienced anxiety counselor today. Most major insurance carriers are accepted, and self-pay options are also available. Remote “teletherapy” sessions are available. If these uncertain times are straining your ability to cope, a trusted counselor can help you adjust to these difficult times.

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